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ALYSS LOGO METALLIC (transparent).png

The Answers Collection • 5 songs  + 1 bonus track • WRITTEN & PRODUCED BY ALYSS

"Can we ever be truly self aware? If the ‘self’ is an energetic construct of our personal fate, life choices, the fabric of both our history and un-manifest future, from what point and to what central pole are we actually attaching awareness to? With an infinite number of possible viewing towers available at every crux, how can a singular self take in the full spectrum of what comes its way forever observing through the same lens?


I could feel my self dissolving. The more I questioned, the lighter the grip and the more fluid reality was becoming. Every cell in my body was undergoing metamorphosis during the making of the ‘Answers' EP. Each song coded an initiation into the secrets buried beneath my own and the collective consciousness".

artwork in collaboration with luna black

Digital Collectables


The Answers Collection provides access to a variety of exclusive utilities for fans and collectors, inviting you to IMMERSE deeper into ALYSS’ world. Each tier offers a unique set of benefits to bring you closer to both ALYSS and her music.

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Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Membership Benefits

Join ALYSS' collectors group and be a part of the creative process. As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to share your thoughts, perspectives and intuitions on ALYSS’ future projects and collaborations.

Network Key

As a collector, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with ALYSS’ vast network of creative industry professionals and musicians. You’ll receive introductions and networking opportunities with those who can help you along your own creative path. ALYSS is committed to supporting up-and-coming artists and is excited to help pave the way for the next generation of creatives.





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Digital Collectables

As a dedicated collector, you will receive an equal share of the profits generated from ALYSS’ upcoming music NFT release, which will feature a yet-to-be-announced song. Not only will you own a piece of the release, but you will also have the potential to earn a return on your investment. All revenue from the primary and secondary markets will be split equally among this select group of NFT holders, with no royalties or commissions taken by ALYSS.







Tier 1 & 2 Utilities



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Exclusive Experiences

NFT holders will receive a free access golden ticket to exclusive events curated by ALYSS, including upcoming live shows and web3 performances.



Transform the Answers EP into your own unique interpretation. As a collector, you will have the opportunity to remix or sample any of the songs from the EP. You will be granted access to the stems and have the opportunity to work directly with ALYSS on a collaborative drop (following discussion with the team).




Tier 1 Utilities



5 Collected

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